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Reno Omokri’s Instagram, Facebook Profile Restored, Makes More Revelations About Natasha Akpoti, APC Govt




Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri’s verified Facebook profile and the Instagram account has been restored.

Naija News reported earlier that Omokri’s social media accounts were temporarily suspended after former Governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party in Kogi State, Natasha Akpoti, accused him of asking her out despite his marital status.

Akpoti also accused the former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan of having numerous girlfriends even though he is married.

She went ahead to alleged that Omokri used his office as PA to the president to lobby for Sure-P slots for his girlfriends.

Omokri, however, denied all the allegations on his social media accounts.

In one of his responses to Akpoti’s allegations, Omokri wrote: “Dear followers, The post where I published photo evidence in the form of a US immigration stamp and Nigerian immigration stamp to prove that I was not in Nigeria on the day that one Natasha Akpoti alleged that I made a pass at her and asked for her number has been deleted by Instagram for violation of their terms.”

Omokri alleged that Akpoti who according to him is being sponsored by the All Progressive Congress, APC, government, had paid her social media followers to rubbish and report him.

He stressed further that some members of the ruling party were sent messages, directing them to report him.

The award-winning book writer promised to make available more evidence to any newspaper, media house that may want to publish the evidence.

Omokri said: “Apparently, the woman, Natasha, did a giveaway on her Facebook page where she offered ₦10,000 to her followers and asked them to report me.

“There was also a WhatsApp blast sent out to APC members asking them to report me.

“That is okay. At least Punch and other newspapers published the information. I am also willing to send certified true copies of my passport page to any newspaper, television station, radio station, and media that want to publish the evidence.

“No matter how far falsehood has travelled, it must eventually be overtaken by truth. Thank you all for your support.”

Meanwhile, Omokri had said earlier while refuting Akpoti’s allegations and giving clarification on his whereabouts on the said date that he (Omokri) walked pass the politician, that he did not know her from an Adam.

He said: “I didn’t know who you were until my assistant Googled you and briefed me. You claimed I made a pass at you during an Aso Rock reception for President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya in 2014.

“The ONLY time a State Banquet was held for President Uhuru Kenyatta during then President Jonathan’s tenure was when he visited Nigeria between May 4 to May 7 2014, to reciprocate a visit that President Jonathan made to him in Kenya between September 5-6, 2013.

“You claimed I made a pass at you at that Aso Rock reception and I also asked for your number, of which you gave me a fake name and number. Interesting!

“Please find attached my passport. As a Presidential spokesman, I had a special passport. Do note the US immigration stamp on my passport showing that I entered the United States of America on April 28, 2014.

“Also, you may want to note the other immigration stamp from Murtala Mohammed Airport showing I did not return to Nigeria until June 23, 2014.

“I also have multiple iPhone photos that I took at my children’s school between May 2-4, 2014. As you may know, Apple iPhone timestamps photos with dated metadata.

“In addition, I have a written memo from former President Jonathan granting me permission to travel to the United States for my annual leave for that period (as a Presidential spokesman, you can’t leave Abuja without the President’s approval).

“I am thus at a loss about your accusations. Perhaps you met a demon at Aso Rock that took up my form because I was not in Nigeria on the day you said you met me.

“Finally, please do note that I am a meticulous record keeper. And like I said, I have an iPhone 13 at home. Why would I ever be even remotely interested in an old Nokia 3310?

“Thank you and may God bless you.”

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