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Protesters Storm New York Streets To ‘Harass’ Buhari Out Of United States



Nigerian activist Reno Omokri has taken to the street alongside other Nigerians to ‘harass’ President Muhammadu Buhari out of New York.

In a video posted via his Instagram handle with the hashtag #HarassBuhariOutOfNewyork, Reno is seen with other Nigerians on the street of New York protesting and complaining about the fall of Nigerian Naira.

Reno also thanked everyone who came out to participate in the rally with him despite the presence of the police.


Some Nigerians took to the comment section to show their appreciation. Below are some of the comments

iamclara_gan: Thank you Reno for fighting for us all , for being a voice for the voiceless. I hope and pray for your efforts to be crowned 😢😢😢😢. It’s really sad
withmcc: But my question is how can Africa grow when blacks don’t even love eachother how can u collect 500 dollars to protest in support of this current government seriously it’s a shame where are those black we supported during black live matter they’re all silent. Make God help Africa.
uchennaji: Verified

$500 x #415 = #207k. Some civil servants unpaid 5 months salaries 💔🚶🏾🚶🏾🚶🏾

jacqbill: Please get a megaphone. Your voice must be heard!
uagbor: I wish every Nigerians are feeling this pains you’re feeling now, the truth is that, you’re not facing this hardship we are facing but you’re doing what you’re doing for us. God bless you sir.
itzmarymagnus: Much love sir reno
chimmynuels: You’re a good man, may God bless and keep you
chinelotess: My heart bleeds each time I listen or watch Mr Omokri update Nigerians on the political matters! Nigeria situation is beginning to traumatise me 😡. And it looks like help is very far from the country. What more damages can greed cause?? When one can only sleep in/on a bed, in a bedroom out of the many rooms they have, sit and drive in a car out of the fleet of cars in their garage, they hardly have time to even read a page of the stack of books in their library or have the luxury of time to swim in that expensive pool in their mansion. How about strictly following their doctor’s recommended meal plan without the freedom to eat or drink out of choice. Yet, these people are not contented??? Tufiakwa!!!!
papi_demillie: Until many of us know how bad Nigeria is today. We will all March to Aso villa. It’s really bad. But all the same we Nigerians have to be a better person, to work together, shun illegality, work with the law enforcers to help reduce this banditry, terrorism. We only can help ourselves. Thanks Reno for the continued struggle for better Nigeria.
razkani_jide: U doing a great job, but we should put any end to circulating same old ppl in politics through pdp or apc
twelve_apostles217: Y I know dey there make I match that man down
badman_dave1: Real patriotism. God bless you Sir🙌🙏
binta_ganna: Righteous indignation 👏👏🙌🔥❤️ truth and more truth
obi_lawrence1: So sad… We’re all tired of Nigeria.