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Nigerians Mock Prophet Who Claims World Ends Today




A self-proclaimed cleric, Prophet Metuh, has ignited reactions on social media with his bold declaration that the world will end today, April 25, 2024.

Naija News reports that the controversial claim, which Metuh said he received through divine revelation, was shared in a widely circulated video on the social media platform, X.

In the video, Metuh asserts confidently, “By the 25th of April, the world is going to end. This is real, rapture is coming, I saw it very clear. The lord ministered to me and mentioned it twice.”

His message has since sparked a flurry of debates and ridicule across various social media channels.

Despite the backlash, Metuh stands firm on his prediction, urging the public to prepare for the end.

“This is not a joke, this is reality. Rapture is coming, prepare yourself,” he reiterated in the video.

His claims have not only caused amusement but also concern, prompting responses from individuals questioning his credibility and the validity of his predictions.

Critics were quick to highlight theological disputes, with one user, Ufezime Nelson Ubi, commenting, “Even our saviour Jesus Christ did not know the day rapture will take place.”

Others took a lighter approach to debunking the prophecy, like @jayshualoffixial, who joked about Metuh’s name being unnecessary in the context of the rapture, and @official_wyreG, who humorously asked those who believe they are going to heaven to transfer their funds to his account.

The controversy has also sparked a serious discussion about the potential consequences of such declarations.

@IVY_MIKE_SirB argued that the government needs to intervene to prevent the spread of misleading information that poses a threat to public order, suggesting that Metuh should face legal repercussions.

As the day progresses, the public remains watchful, with some skeptics like Victor Osemudiame humorously noting the absence of any apocalyptic signs, “It’s almost noon, I never hear horn since I enter office how much more trumpet?”