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Yoruba Elders Back Igboho’s Fresh Eviction Notice To Fulani Herdsmen



Yoruba Elders Back Igboho's Fresh Eviction Notice To Fulani Herdsmen

The Yoruba Council of Elders (YCE) has backed a fresh eviction notice issued by popular Yoruba activist, Sunday ‘Igboho’ Adeyemo to killer Fulani herdsmen in the South-West.

Naija News had reported that Sunday Igboho gave the eviction notice in an interview anchored by his spokesperson, Oluyomi Koiki.

While stressing that he will ensure they are all smoked out of the forests very soon, Igboho said that he would never give any order without monitoring compliance.

Igboho also insisted that no governor can stop Yoruba nation rally, noting if any governor says that, it will not be obeyed because Yorubaland belongs to all Yoruba indigenes.

According to him, the issue of agitation for the Yoruba nation is non-negotiable and no Jupiter can stop it.

“I want all Fulani in Yorubaland to leave. I, myself will monitor compliance with the eviction notice. I don’t issue an order without ensuring compliance. As from Monday, we don’t want to hear of any kidnapping in Yorubaland again. I will show them the stuff Yoruba people are made of.

“We will tell them there is a clear distinction between Yoruba and Fulani. All these weapons they are brandishing, we will collect them with ease. We will blow ‘wind’ into all the forests in Yorubaland. If we don’t prove to these people who we are now, they will be encroaching on our lands when we achieve our Yoruba nation,” he had said.

Backing the eviction notice, YCE Secretary-General, Dr Kunle Olajide, said criminal herders who have decided to destroy and wipe off the Yoruba race must leave the South West.

Olajide said: “If the eviction notice is to bandits and criminal herders terrorizing our land and destroying our farms, I am in total support of that; those are criminals and not lawful citizens hence they are not supposed to be living among lawful people.

“Though it is supposed to be the responsibility of the security agents since they have failed to act in our interest, then I have no objection to the eviction notice once it is for the criminals.”