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FG Guilty Of Aiding Killer Fulani Herdsmen – Bakare



Politicians Have Become Very Corrupt Under Buhari Govt - Bakare

The General Overseer of the Citadel Global Community Church, Tunde Bakare, on Tuesday accused the federal government of aiding Fulani herdsmen in committing crimes across the country.

The cleric made this claim during an online interview with the Publisher of the Ovation Magazine, Dele Momodu.

Bakare condemned attacks carried out by Fulani herdsmen which have spread across the country.

He further stated that the country would be in great danger if the issue is not attended to before the 2023 general elections.

Bakare said, “The government is a guilty party for aiding the killer Fulani herdsmen in committing crimes of killing, abduction and destruction of farms in the country.”

“I want a country where I can sleep with my two eyes closed. Lawlessness is everywhere, abduction takes place every day. And this happens as a result of deficient leadership. Protecting our territorial integrity should be the most important thing now.”

Bakare while reacting to why he has not protested against the current government liked he did during the Goodluck Jonathan government, described the thought as generational.

He said, “It’s a generational thing. You cannot condemn a generation for what they have done or not done. During the time of Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Dr Nnamdi Azikwe, they faced bullets and harder things but served their generation. The same things happened during the times of my boss, Chief Gani Fawehinmi and the rest. We also have done our part. So, I think it’s not about being scared, but about what a generation uses at a point in time to correct a bad government.”

“When it’s your day, your turn, you must do your part also. A day is coming when this younger generation too will say they have done their part of facing the oppression of the government.”

He further stated that all the major regions in Nigeria desire to break away from Nigeria because of the poor performance of the Buhari-led administration.

“Now if you listen to the news and see what’s going on, the drums of disintegration are louder than ever before,” Bakare said.

Bakare said though he would love everyone to stay together, however, if breaking away would be better for the people, it should happen.

He cited examples of Russia, Latvia, Ukraine and others that broke out of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, as well as Pakistan and Bangladesh coming out of India.

Bakare while speaking on the action of Sunday Igboho, described him as a revolutionary like the Jephtae in the Bible who demanded justice for his people.

“Self-defence is permissible in law. That’s why someone can use provocation as an excuse to kill another fellow. But two wrongs cannot make a right. I told Sunday Igboho immediately he issued that threat that we should find alternative solutions to this issue to avert a bloodbath.”

“Let’s not play legal semantics with this issue. When the government failed to bring to book those who are killing innocent people, I don’t blame the guy, Sunday Igboho for standing up. He wants justice for his people, so he can’t be blamed. Although, as I said earlier, two wrongs cannot make a right.”

Finally, when talking about things to do to address the multiple problems of the country, Bakare said, “There are so many things that can be done right. For example, the country needs almost immediately a presidential council reconciliation team to address the integration of this country. We need more than people just sitting in Abuja postulating issues.”

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