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Ibrahim Magu Begs Presidential Investigative Committee For Bail




Ibrahim Magu, the suspended Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), has reportedly pleaded with Presidential Investigative Committee for bail.

Naija News reports that Magu, who is under investigation by a presidential panel, has spent the fourth day at the Force Criminal Investigation Department (FCID) and on Thursday, requested bail from custody. Magu has been detained at the FCID since Monday when he first appeared before the panel.

A report monitored on The Nation newspaper by Naija News, says lawyers defending Magu made an oral submission for his bail. The report said Magu’s lawyers pleaded with the committee to prevail on Inspector-General of Police to release the suspended EFCC Chairman on bail because it is his fundamental right

A source said: “At the sitting of the panel, Magu’s counsel applied for bail. Since the panel did not order his detention, it advised the lawyers to address their request to Inspector-General of Police Mohammed Adamu.

“Although a member said the Chairman of the panel could act on the panel, however, said it is the IG’s responsibility.

Magu’s lawyer argued that “apart from being on the grounds of fundamental human rights, the application for bail was borne out of Magu being a senior police officer.

“Ordinarily, Magu ought to be detained at the Police Officers Mess pending the conclusion of investigation not behind the counters as the case is at the moment.

“On his first day in FCID custody, he slept on a chair throughout the night. He opted to stay in a cell but he was asked to sleep in an office. For safety reasons, he chose to sleep on a chair.”

“Magu is appearing before a fact-finding panel, there is no justification for detaining him,” Magu’s lawyer said.

The report quoted a member of the committee to have said that the suspended EFCC Chairman was being “detained based on directive.”

Sources say following the counsel’s submission, members of the committee, asked Magu and his counsel to leave the hearing room for some minute but no decision was taken on the bail request.