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Drama As ‘Lucifer’ Appears In TB Joshua’s Church (Video)



Drama As 'Lucifer' Appears In TB Joshua's Church (Video)

A video has emerged showing the moment a supposed Lucifer appeared in Prophet TB Joshua‘s church, the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

Naija News reports that in the one minute, fifty-seven seconds video which has gone viral, the SCOAN Pastor and a lady who identified herself as Lucifer could be seen in a heated argument with each seeking for supremacy.

The heated argument occurred when the Pastor asked the supposed Lucifer: “What do you want”? The Lucifer responded: “What do you mean? Have you ever seen anybody talking to me standing?”

He continued: “Can you introduce yourself? Who are you?” The lady replied: “I am Lucifer”. The Pastor responded: “Come here in the name of Jesus!”. The lady Lucifer responded: “I am not coming,” the pastor replied: “Jesus is greater than you,” the lady responded: “I am not coming.”

The SCOAN Pastor continued:” You are powerless in the face of Jesus. now I command you, in the name of Jesus, come here!” The woman replied: “I came for revenge. You scattered my kingdom yesterday, all you small small boys”, the pastor replied: “Come here and talk in the name of Jesus”, the lady responded: “I am not coming. You don’t command me, you bow to me!”

Watch the full conversation below…