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Coronavirus: Pfizer, Reveal When Vaccine Would Be Made Available



American biopharmaceutical company, Pfizer has announced that COVID-19 vaccine would be ready for emergency use by September.

According to the pharmaceutical giant, it will begin testing of the experimental vaccine in the US next week.

This is happening a week after Germany approved its first human trial of a possible COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine, named BNT162, was developed by Biontech, a Mainz-based company.

The company had said the vaccine would be tested in the US after the human trials in Germany.

The United Kingdom had also announced that there would be clinical trials of a potential COVID-19 vaccine.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said there are about 20 different potential COVID-19 vaccines currently in development.

Some of the companies working on a vaccine said they are accelerating the timeline for testing as experts predict that the COVID-19 pandemic may last till 2021.

According to Worldometer, confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally have risen to 3,150,478, with 218,466 deaths. But 964,161 persons have recovered.