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Man Caught After Allegedly Stealing Church Offering In Dunamis Church



A man identified as Terkaa Tsamber was on Sunday caught after allegedly stealing offering and other valuable items worth several thousands of Naira at Dunamis Church, Makurdi Benue State.

The Nation newspaper revealed that Tsamber committed the crime at the Dunamis Church located on Modern Market Road, Makurdi.

According to report the alleged robber entered into the pastor’s office immediately after the second service ended around 10 am but a little girl sighted him with a gun and screamed for help.

Upon the alarm raised by the little girl, Tsamber jumped the fence and the church members who came for their service chased him and he was traced to a nearby building, which belongs to a top politician.

The robber carried an axe and a gun that had no bullet.

Some members of the church reported that an armed robbery gang a few days ago burgled the church, stole laptops, handset belonging to the pastor and the church offering.

“This morning, we were inside the church auditorium for the Third Service when we heard a little girl screaming and we all went towards the direction only for us to see someone jumping across with some items.”

“We also went after him and traced him to a nearby building, not too far from the church. Immediately he (the thief) saw us in large numbers, he brought out a gun but there was no bullet and he dropped it and carried an axe.”

“However, we overpowered him. That was how we caught him, and brought him to the church before we call the police” a member of the church told the Nation newspaper.

The church’s resident pastor, Joseph Idakwoji, said he discovered that armed robbers broke into his office after the last Friday Worship and Wonder’s Night and made away with so many items including handsets, offertory, cartons of five alive and stabilizer.

“When I came to the church office yesterday (Saturday) after our last Worship and Wonder’s Night, I discovered that thieves invaded the church and made away with things from my office. So, I prayed and told God that I am not going to lock the office back and that God should manifest his power and glory by allowing whoever that broke into my office to come back and steal again in the day time so that he would be caught.”

“Behold, a few minutes into the third service, I was on the altar conducting the service when I heard some members of the church shouting and screaming ‘thief! Thief!!. He was caught and brought to the church. The area boys wanted to apply jungle justice on him but I prevented them and called the police, who came and picked him.”

Tsamber appealed to the pastor not to kill him, saying that he regretted his action.

“Truly, I don’t know what came over me. Don’t allow the people to kill me. I am ready to repent and never to steal again. This is my first time of coming to steal here. I don’t know those who came to steal from the church the last time,” he said.

Source: Naija News

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