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Next Level Cabinet: Tinubu Makes Fresh Demand From President Buhari



Remi wants women representation in Buhari's cabinet

Tinubu Wants More Women In ‘Next Level’ Cabinet

Senator representing Lagos Central senatorial district in the upper legislative chamber, Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu advocated for more women representation in President Buhari’s next level cabinet.

She made her mind known over the weekend in Abuja at an event also attended by the First Lady, Mrs. Aisha Buhari.

Tinubu, however, opined in her submission that such appointees should be people who are ready to serve and contribute to national development.

In her words; “We are still watching and hoping that maybe, the President will be magnanimous enough to appoint a lot of female ministers but they should be ministers who will not disappoint us and do the work; not to go there and embezzle money.

“You know the last experience was not actually pleasant, it should be women who are ready to serve and make the necessary sacrifice.

“Do we need women in public place? Yes, that is why I am here to encourage the younger generation to reach for the sky.

“It has always been seven or eight women in the National Assembly, the National Assembly is turning into exclusively a gentleman’s club and I think that if we are not careful, that is what it will turn out to be and it is quite sad.

“I don’t think they are being good sportsmen; they are quite vicious when it comes to positions; everybody is striving and I think we women have to start raising boys that are gender-friendly. We raised all these selfish men and this is what we pay for that.”

“The coming generation should begin to raise men that would not feel threatened by a woman who is in a top position, so we still have a lot to do but the current men that are here are very vicious when it comes to seeking for top positions.

“Not that they don’t allow women, it is just that everyone is striving so hard and you can see that the violence in politics is keeping women back, there are a lot of things keeping women back but the point is that the men are not just gender-friendly.

“I was just looking when we went for registration today and I was just looking because it was just a sea of men.”

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