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Nigerians React To Jack Vs Mimi Saga



Nigerians React To Jack Vs Mimi Saga

A storm of of mixed reactions by Nigerians has greeted a story of a Nigerian lady identified only as Mimi on the micro-blogging site, Twitter, accusing her former boyfriend identified as Mr Jack Robinson, of defrauding her with Jazz.

Naija News had reported that earlier that the story of the former “love birds” blew up on Wednesday morning, February 20, when both “Jack and Mimi” started trending on Twitter.

While Mimi shared stories and receipts detailing the amount of money she sent to her former boyfriend with the claim that she made the transactions without knowing what she was doing, Jack, on the other hand, claimed Mimi was spending his money.

Though both did not reveal when their now ended relationship started while giving updates on Twitter on Wednesday, Naija News reported that Mimi and Jack started dating in October 2018, a chat Mimi had with our correspondent revealed.

Mimi had taken to Twitter to reveal that she had in less than 3 months, sent $20,000 to Jack, adding that she sent him $600 for air pods the first week she started talking to him.

“In less than 3 months I have sent this guy $20k of my own personal money and when I was doing it I had no idea all I know is that I was saying yes to his every command. First week of talking to him I sent him $600 for air pods,” she tweeted.

“Imagine my sister asked me to send her just $500 but instead I sent the idiot $1800 that week and told my sister to wait. Is that normal? Thank God my eyes are cleared now. We live and we learn. Go and meet your cele pastor cause I and my mother will be ready for anything,” she wrote on Twitter.

On the other hand, Jack debunked the allegation, saying he still has chats where Mimi told him the amount she has ever sent to him.

“Heard the idiot said she gave me $20,000 LMFAO, is this the lies you told your friends? I still have chats of you telling me how much you’ve ever sent me. Do you want me to post? Mimi!! Lmao,” Jack tweeted.

Nigerians took to the micro-blogging site, Twitter to air their opinions on the matter.

Naija News captured some of the reactions below…