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Jack Vs Mimi: Lady Accuses Ex-Boyfriend Of Defrauding Her With Jazz



Nigerians React To Jack Vs Mimi Saga

A Nigerian lady identified only as Mimi on the micro-blogging site, Twitter, has accused her former boyfriend identified as Mr Jack Robinson, of defrauding her with Jazz.

Naija News reports that the story of the former “love birds” blew up on Wednesday morning, February 20, when both “Jack and Mimi” started trending on Twitter.

While Mimi shared stories and receipts detailing the amount of money she sent to her former boyfriend with the claim that she made the transactions without knowing what she was doing, Jack, on the other hand, claimed Mimi was spending his money.

Though both did not reveal when their now ended relationship started while giving updates on Twitter on Wednesday, Naija News can report that Mimi and Jack started dating in October 2018, a chat Mimi had with our correspondent revealed.

Mimi had taken to Twitter to reveal that she had in less than 3 months, sent $20,000 to Jack, adding that she sent him $600 for air pods the first week she started talking to him.

“In less than 3 months I have sent this guy $20k of my own personal money and when I was doing it I had no idea all I know is that I was saying yes to his every command. First week of talking to him I sent him $600 for air pods,” she tweeted.

“Imagine my sister asked me to send her just $500 but instead I sent the idiot $1800 that week and told my sister to wait. Is that normal? Thank God my eyes are cleared now. We live and we learn. Go and meet your cele pastor cause I and my mother will be ready for anything,” she wrote on Twitter.

On the other hand, Jack debunked the allegation, saying he still has chats where Mimi told him the amount she has ever sent to him.

“Heard the idiot said she gave me $20,000 LMFAO, is this the lies you told your friends? I still have chats of you telling me how much you’ve ever sent me. Do you want me to post? Mimi!! Lmao,” Jack tweeted.

When Naija News asked Mimi how her relationship with Jack started, she told our correspondent that Jack was dating her friend, who had been telling him “positive things about her” which in turn instigated him to come for her.

“He was dating my friend @GossipGirliee and that one was telling him positive things about me and he saw me as a bigger fish than her.

“That was how it all started. We were both just pawns in his game,” Mimi told Naija News .

Asked when her relationship with Jack started, she said: “from October last year”.

Ranting further on Twitter, Mimi said the mistake she made was getting involved with Jack, adding that the entire problem started when he (Jack) asked me for money and she said no.

Her words: “The mistake I made was getting involved with this idiot @jackdre02 and all the problem started when he asked me for money and I said no. This was a normal routine for him. Everyday babe, I need this babe I need that.

“He told me whenever you loan me money never discuss it in a chat and always act like you are giving it to me and because you don’t know who is going to read your chats. Jack did you not say that to me @jackdre02 and I fell for that lie because that how he plays his game.

“I’m not the first person he did this to @jackdre02 did you not do the same thing to @GossipGirliee she loan you money for your rent and bought the iphone you are using now and was even feed your broke ass! You wanna deny that? After she sent you her pant yahoo boy,” she added.

On his part, Jack said: ” Not gonna talk about how you spend my money and it was that sweet that you came to post it because you have seen mugu. See how much difference 12 days can make. I am done here”.

But Mimi debunked the allegation, saying she asked him to send N40, 000 to someone and he asked her to go and hype him on Twitter.

“B4 I keep quiet let me address this. I asked him to send 40k to someone and he asked me to go hype him on Twitter he is always asking me to hype him so people will think he’s a big boy. He is trying to compete with the actual big boys on here. I was saying yes babe 2 everything,” she tweeted.

“I thank God for my mother because if she had not intervened. SHE GAVE ME SOMETHING TO DRINK and less than an hour later I starting having nothing but resentment towards that guy. YES JAZZ IS REAL GUYS. The end. Bye guys,” she added.

Meanwhile, as at the time of filing this report, Jack was yet to respond to a comment request by our correspondent.