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Gov. Okowa Deserves A Second Chance – PDP Chieftain



One of the chieftain’s in Delta state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, and a member of Delta State Rural Development Board, Prince Eduvie Larry Efekodha has advocated that Delta state governor Ifeanyi Okowa should be re-elected for him to consolidate on his developmental works in the state.

According to Efekodah, ‘’In the light of equity, It is the turn of Ijaws Itsekiri and Isoko people to produce the governor of Delta State in 2031; which is why no person from these three ethnic groups has fielded candidate for the governorship in 2019.

‘’By equity, it is the turn of Delta North till 2023 hence, Delta North has presented their best material for the job in the person of Governor Okowa, who has made all of us proud by his outstanding achievements within a short space of time.

‘’Delta South needs the support of Delta North in 2031, hence we must do all what we can to make Okowa win in all constituencies in Delta South. Anyone who says otherwise is mortgaging the political future of delta south great three (G3).

‘’As for the Senate we should vote for James manager for the last tenure in 2019 because only the PDP has kept faith with delta equity arrangement till date. To compensate the Itsekiri people for the loss of senatorial primaries it has been agreed in Isoko land that Itsekiri shall take the senatorial seats from 2023 to 2031 to balance up with Ijaws multiple tenure reign in senate.

‘’As for the house of representatives, Leo Ogor should be given the last chance till 2023 to enable him wrap up his legislative bills he has put together for Isoko People as Isoko South will take over the representation of the people in 2023 to balance up that of Isoko north and also consolidate the Isoko governorship position thereafter and also to promote PDP as a party to win all seats as APC has got nothing to offer the people.” We should know that the Isokos stand a better chance to produce governor in 2031 because Isoko people have sacrificed governorship to Itsekiri in 2007, deputy governorship to Ijaws in 2015 and senate to Ijaws since 2003 till date.

‘’The People of Delta South district should make the highest sacrifice for Delta North for political equity sake and to bank on their support in 2031.

‘’The People of Delta Central ( Urhobos) Should wait for their equity tenure, which is 2023 and be their brother’s keeper in 2031 if they actually mean well for Isoko people as their continuous tussle for governorship seat at all time will distort the equity arrangement and thereafter make things difficult for their closest brothers in 2031 , the Isoko People when they will need the support from Delta North.’’

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