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nPDP Will Take A Decisive Step On APC Membership This Week – Baraje



Alh Kawu Baraje (File Photo)

We Will Take A Position This Week – nPDP

The ruling All Progressive Congress overtime, has been experiencing in-house crises, and there is speculation that the new Peoples Democratic Party and APC will resume their talk this week.

Alhaji Kawu Baraje, the leader of the nPDP bloc, on Sunday hinted that the members will reach a decision this week on the next step.

Report has it that leaders of the group have been having a discussion on the next step to take since APC held it National convention last week Saturday.

A member of APC, who spoke to Punch stated that he will not like to joeperdise the talk and he said,”There is essentially very little left for discussions if you ask me.

“We have held an all-inclusive national convention and everyone especially leaders of the group were carried along, they were not discriminated against; they were given the honour due to them.

“The positions their members occupied in the National Working Committee were not taken away from them.

“I think what we should be talking about now is how to strengthen the party to face the challenge of the upcoming elections.”

The Baraje-led nPDP has announced that it would make its position on the way forward known this week, this was made known through a statement released by the Kawu Baraje Media Office, in Ilorin, on Sunday.

He was quoted as saying members of the group would have concluded consultations and deliberations on the issue and arrived at a decision which they would make public during the week.

Baraje explained that the group’s position on all demands contained in an earlier letter to the party leadership would be made public.

He said their demands were for the general good of Nigerians and not for personal gain.

Baraje said, “We will make our positions known to Nigerians in the first week of July. By then, we would have concluded our consultations and come up with our position on all the things we stood for which are not for personal gains but rather in the general interest of the downtrodden masses.

We have been meeting regularly and the time is now ripe to make our positions known to all well-meaning Nigerians.

“The cooperate interest of the citizens of this country and a united Nigeria where no man is oppressed is paramount and very dear to our hearts.

The statement quoted Baraje as saying members of the group had held regular meetings and it was time to make their position known to all well-meaning Nigerians.

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