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4 Year Old Boy Dragged To Court For Kissing 3 Year Old Classmate



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The Law

The Law

Boy In Court For Kissing Classmate

A 4-year-old boy has been accused of inappropriate behaviour in kissing his 3-year-old classmate, and dragged before a court of law in Egypt.

Reports by the BBC, says parents of the little girl who kissed felt unhappy by the incident and therefore charged the boy involved to court.

The little boy’s father is reported to have told privately-owned al-Mehwar TV that the girl’s father became bitter after he personally saw the boy kissing his daughter, but the circumstances surrounding how the case started and how it all became a court matter, remain unclear.

The accused boy was charged with assault, but the judge handling the case, apparently did not see any merit in the case, probably due to the ages of both youngsters involved and therefore struck out the case.

Reports have it that the judge even hugged the boy before dismissing the case.

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