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I have a master piece to remove Buhari in 2019- Umar Ardo


A former governorship candidate and chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) in Adamawa State, Umar Ardo has vowed to use the ‘master piece’ which was used to bring Muhammadu Buhari-led administration to power to oust him in 2019.

He described the APC-led government as a complete failure for refusing to fulfill even one of its numerous campaign promises after two years.

Ardo, said the Supreme Court ruling, which settled the lingering leadership tussle in the party was a clear indication that the PDP was heading to victory in 2019.

Speaking to the Sun, he said, “To all intents and purposes, if our party’s leadership conforms to constitutionalism, due process and rule of law, formulates good and appropriate strategy, field in Nigerians of good standing and does not sell party tickets to the highest bidders, puts in hard work, by God’s Will, I can tell you yes, PDP will win the presidency in 2019.

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“I think the negative PDP is out and it will be the positive PDP that will come in. With the near total failure of leadership in the country under the APC today and the resultant nationwide disquiet amongst the populace, it is a matter of urgency that Nigerians of good standing come together to arrest the drift and capture national power in 2019 to save the country from societal convulsion.”

Questioned on how he would be able to unseat APC and ensure victory for PDP in 2019, the PDP chieftain said, “So, in my judgment, the action l took then was in the best interests of the nation and the party. So to answer your question directly, yes, l do have ‘a master piece’ for my party for the purpose of 2019, to help it reclaim political power.

“However, I cannot give out the details now given that secrecy and timing are critical in the success of any strategy. So with the right people, at the right time, we will get it successfully executed.”

Born on September 29, 1960, Umar Ardo hails from Kojoli in Jada local Government Area of Adamawa State.

Ardo worked for two years with the defunct Gongola State Television Corporation Yola as Programme Producer before proceeding to the Nigerian Defence Academy, NDA Kaduna, to take up a teaching appointment in the Department of History.

While lecturing in the NDA, Ardo enrolled for a Doctoral Degree in history with his Alma Mata university and successfully graduated in 1997 with a Ph.D in Political History.

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In 1999, Dr. Ardo was appointed to the office of the Vice President as Special Assistant (States and Local Government Affairs). He was reappointed as Special Assistant (Research and Strategy) to the President and Commander-in-Chief in 2003.

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