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President Buhari’s War On Terror; A Grand Deception



Your government claimed to have defeated Boko Haram and taken over Sambisa forest from the terrorist group.


You are jumping up in celebration like an over-fed baby toad in search of a mating partner even when the marauding Fulani herdsmen operating with state cover is still waxing stronger.

Are you alright?

What exactly are you celebrating?

I mean, what is the celebration about?

Do you now feel safer than you were before?

Are you not still being killed and maimed right there in your home by another terrorist group, the Fulani herdsmen, operating with state-sponsored impunity?

How can you be devoid of the tiniest iota of intelligence to begin to jubilate that your government has reportedly defeated Boko Haram even when it has been proven beyond every reasonable doubt that the same government is directly sponsoring another powerful terrorist group, the Fulani herdsmen, which is now even deadlier and more daring than Boko Haram.

How can you be common-sensically bankrupt enough to begin to sing ‘Hossana To The Highest’ for a doctor who removed boil from your knee and gifted you with an even more painful boil on your ‘bum-bum’?

Was Boko Haram not almost completely defeated in the dying days of Jonathan administration?

Was this same Sambisa forest not combed by our military with Russian-supplied military hardwares acquired by Jonathan when Nasir Elrufai and Murtala Nyako wrote to America not to sell weapon to Jonathan government over allegations of right abuse by the military fighting Boko Haram in the Northeast?

Is it not this same Muhammadu Buhari who came to power and removed all military roadblocks in the northeast which enabled the Boko Haram boys to regroup?

Are we not aware that as I type this, the same president Buhari who claimed to have defeated the terrorist group is still releasing some of their high profile commanders arrested by the previous Jonathan government from prison back to the society?

Is it not an open secret that this government has since offered a juicy amnesty package to the Boko boys where any of them who get tired of slaughtering people can just do a gentle U-turn and start enjoying food, shelter, clothing plus handsome monetary reward from the same government which claims to be fighting it?

Is it not the same Buhari who openly chided the government of Jonathan for killing Boko Haram terrorists and even described the boko boys as freedom fighters adding that an attack against the group was an attack against the North just few years ago?

The same Boko Haram terrorists have previously nominated Buhari as their representative in a failed peace talks with Jonathan government, abi una don forget?

How can any reasonable person believe that this same Buhari will now turn around and start killing the same Boko Haram fighters fighting to enthrone the same Sharia Buhari once swore to spread all over the country?

Haba, please, make una check am nah! Abi, our brain follow dey recession?

Is it even possible to completely defeat a group fighting for an ideology?

If Boko Haram is defeated and Sambisa forest recovered, WHERE ARE THE CHIBOK GIRLS?

Please, don’t come here and accuse Charles Ogbu of accusing anyone of anything. Verify everything I’ve said here for yourself. They are all verifiable.

Now, let us even PRETEND to believe that the terrorist group has been completely defeated, the next question a reasonable man will ask is:

Are we now sleeping with our two eyes closed?

What is the essence of announcing victory against Boko Haram when Nigerians are still being killed and maimed right there in their homes by the Fulani herdsmen being protected by our own national army…..the same army that is being trained, equipped and paid with our tax money?

Oh, I get it, we should celebrate, not because we are now safer than we were before but because the name of the terrorists now killing us is no longer Boko Haram but Fulani herdsmen, right?

It shouldn’t matter if it is the same Boko Haram that has now dissolved into the Fulani terrorists visiting death on defenseless Nigerians, right?

There is a game known as the Russian Roulette. It is a very dangerous game, one of the most dangerous games in the world. And in this game of chance, each player is made to aim at their own head with a gun that has one bullet in it and five empty chambers. You are made to think of it as a game. In fact, everybody believes it is a game but then, everybody knows it is another name for suicide.

This, right here, is the kind of game the Muhammadu Buhari led government is playing with our lives.

This government is making us think it has defeated Boko Haram while in the other hand, it is openly enabling another very powerful senior Boko Haram known as the Fulani herdsmen and even protecting them with a special military task force.

This is evil! This is wicked! This is devilish!

Security of lives and properties is the primary duty of any government anywhere in the world. Security is not a gift any government can give to its friends and withhold from its perceived enemies. It is the entitlement of every citizen of a free world. The contract between a government and the governed rests on the principle that the government protects the lives and properties of its people among other things while the governed pay tax to the government and be law abiding.

Any government that is incapable of protecting its people from a group of killers with known address and identity has no business staying a day longer in office. It becomes even worse when there are irrefutable evidence pointing to the fact that the government is not just helpless in tackling this terrorist group but criminally complicit in the killing of the same people it is meant to protect.

What the Buhari government is doing to Nigerians with the Fulani herdsmen is one of the worst moral tragedies in human history.

N.B, this piece must never be misinterpreted as an affront on our brave soldiers paying the ultimate price to keep the country safe. Those guys are heroes. This is not even debatable. My grouse lies solely with the political establishment represented by president Buhari and highly placed security chiefs represented by the army chief, Yusuf Buratai and co. These are the men placing the evil button and protecting the Fulani herdsmen in their murderous land grabbing campaign.