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Hilda Baci Responds To Fraud Accusations By VeryDarkMan, Shares Proof Of Active Cooking Class




Martins Otse Vincent, aka VeryDarkMan and Hilda Baci
Martins Otse Vincent, aka VeryDarkMan and Hilda Baci

Nigerian celebrity chef Hilda Baci has broken her silence following accusations of fraud made by activist Vincent Martins Otse, popularly known as VeryDarkMan (VDM).

The controversy arose after VDM accused Baci of collecting payments for an online cooking class and failing to deliver the promised services.

VDM alleged that Baci collected N35,000 from numerous participants for the cooking class, which was scheduled to commence on March 22nd, 2024. However, according to VDM, Baci postponed the class and subsequently did not conduct the sessions despite receiving payments from thousands of individuals.

In response to these allegations, Hilda Baci took to her official Instagram page to address the claims. She shared a screen recording of the ongoing cooking class on Telegram, showcasing a substantial number of active students and the progress of the course.

With 5880 active students, 156 recipes already posted, comprehensive editing classes completed, and assignments are given, Hilda Baci captioned the post with a simple “LOL,” seemingly dismissing the accusations levelled against her.

Reacting to the situation, Hilda Baci emphasized that the online cooking class has indeed commenced, refuting VDM’s claims of fraud. She showcased evidence of the active student base and the various components of the class that have been completed.

In a video shared on her food page, “My Food by Hilda,” Baci clarified that VDM’s allegations were unfounded. She highlighted the progress made in the cooking class, including the posting of recipes, editing sessions, plating classes, and the issuance of official assignments.

Baci’s response not only refuted the accusations but also pointed out that the number of students enrolled in the class translates to a substantial sum of N205.8 million, indicating the scale and popularity of the program despite the controversy surrounding it.


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