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Group Alleges 29,000 Yoruba Deaths Under Buhari’s Administration




Yoruba Nation Youth Movement Alleges 29,000 Yoruba Deaths Under Buhari Administration

The Yoruba Nation Youth, a youth movement representing indigenous people of southwest Nigeria, has asserted that approximately 29,000 Yoruba individuals lost their lives during the eight-year tenure of Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

The secessionist group shared this information during a global conference held on Wednesday, where prominent Yoruba individuals from Nigeria and the Diaspora were present, as observed by Sahara Reporters.

The group bemoaned the Nigerian government’s incapacity to control violent herders, particularly in Yoruba land, citing its detrimental impact on the nation’s agricultural sector.

The group asserted that under Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s presidency, incidents of Fulani killings, destruction, and kidnappings have not declined; instead, they have intensified.


In fact, the group stated that during President Tinubu’s tenure, the Fulani’s disruption of peace and security in Nigeria has reached an unacceptable pinnacle.

The group said, “According to an official estimation, as many as 29,000 Yoruba people were killed in the Yoruba Homelands under Buhari. Most Yoruba farmers abandoned farms altogether, and the traditional Yoruba agricultural economy has been destroyed.

“Sadly, even after President Buhari was succeeded as President of Nigeria on May 29, 2023 by one of our own fathers, Ahmed Bola Tinubu, the Fulani killings, destruction and kidnappings have not decreased. It has escalated. In fact, under President Tinubu, the Fulani’s challenge of peace and security in Nigeria has now reached an intolerable peak.


“As a mark of the current confidence in the Fulani challenge to security, the topmost Fulani organisations issued two Fulani declarations of war against the rest of Nigeria on January 24 and 26 (2024) and announced that President Tinubu is not their President and if any Fulani is arrested for any act of Fulani war, the Fulani would burn down everything in Nigeria.

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