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‘Is This Not A Case Of Psychological Apartheid?’ – Fani-Kayode Reacts To Israel’s Actions In Gaza War




'Is This Not A Case Of Psychological Apartheid?' - Fani-Kayode Reacts To Israel's Actions In Gaza War

Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode has responded to Israel’s actions in the Gaza War.

Fani-Kayode contended that Israel had become a monstrous and unmanageable entity, citing the targeted killings of approximately 35,000 defenceless Palestinians, including 15,000 children, in Gaza over the past six months.

Through a post via his official X handle, the former minister conveyed his belief that the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is now beyond control and has ceased to listen to advice.

He criticized Western governments and media for reacting only when Western aid workers were killed, questioning if Arab and Muslim lives mattered less.


He accused Western leaders of ignoring Israel’s actions and Netanyahu’s behaviour, likening him to a wild and uncontrollable force.

Fani-Kayode suggested a pattern of emotional selectivity, hypocrisy, and racism in the response to Palestinian suffering.

Fani-Kayode stated: “35,000 innocent & defenceless Palestinians, including 15000 children, have been targeted & killed in #Gaza by Israel over the last 6 months, yet it was only after 7 western aid workers of the #WorldCentralKitchen were tragically & callously targeted & murdered in cold blood by the @IDF last week that western Governments & the Western media are beginning to recognise the fact that the Jewish state has turned into a monstrous & uncontrollable beast.


“This begs the following questions.

“Does blood not flow through the veins of Arabs & Muslims in the same way that it flows through the veins of westerners & Christians?

“Is the blood of westerners redder than the blood of #Arabs?


“Do Palestinian lives not matter?

“Are American, British, Australian & French lives more precious than the lives of Palestinian men, women & children?

“How can one explain or wish away this glaring display of emotional selectivity, hypocrisy & double standards?

“Is it not racism in its most glaring & ugly form?

“Is this not a case of psychological apartheid in motion & have the leaders of the West not developed a classic sociopathic & psychopathic disposition when it comes to the suffering of the Palestinians? Again, for the last few months, western leaders stuck to their oars & stubbornly refused to acknowledge the fact that Israeli Prime Minister @netanyahu is a wild & rabid dog that cannot be controlled & that no longer listens to its master.

“They refused to accept the fact that he had become the proverbial falcon that was no longer prepared to listen to the falconer.