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Team Nigeria Drops To Third On African Games Medals Table




Team Nigeria had the toughest day at the ongoing All African Games on Day 7 as they failed to win any gold throughout the day.

On the said day, Thursday, March 14, Team Nigeria won just a bronze which was not enough to keep them at the second spot in the All African Games medals table.

From Day One to Day 6 of the sports festival, Team Nigeria sat on the second spot on the medals table with the hope of unseating first-place Egypt.

Unfortunately, after a drastically reduced momentum, the Nigerian athletes have dropped to the third spot and they have been replaced in the second spot by South Africa.


Only the women’s beach volleyball team won a bronze on Day 7 leaving Nigeria with 22 gold, 13 silver, and 20 bronze (a total of 55 medals).

On the same day of the tournament, South Africa won three golds to earn the same number of gold medals as Nigeria. The South African team also won two silver and one bronze on Thursday.

South Africa overtook Nigeria on the medals table because they have more silver medals (22) than Nigeria (13).


First place Egypt is way above them as they are currently leading with 65 golds, 27 silvers, and 23 bronze medals (a total of 115 medals).

Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritius, Madagascar, Eritrea, Morocco, and Zimbabwe complete the top ten of the All-African Games medals table.

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