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Obidients Slam El-Rufai’s Son Over Comment On Peter Obi




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Obidients, Peter Obi’s support base, has slammed Mohammed Bello El-Rufai, the son of former Kaduna State governor, for suggesting the former Anambra governor is not in the league of the best Nigerian governors.

Naija News recalls that El-Rufai had, in a podcast show with renowned broadcast journalist Seun Okinbaloye argued that Obi was not in the league of high-performing governors like Fashola and his father, Nasir El-Rufai.

“I don’t think governor Peter Obi is even in the category of governor Fashola, my father, that is my view,” he said in the now-viral podcast.

However, Obidents were angered by the young politician’s comment, slamming him for suggesting that Obi cannot be called among the governors who performed the most while serving.

Reacting to the clip @Ikepicano faulted the broadcast journalist for allowing El-Rufai on his platform

“I don’t care about the giraffe and what he has to say. I am more worried about the reputable Seun giving him the luxury to call PO…Seun there are also the likes of ATIKU and Kwankwaso…but they won’t sell like PO I guess..” he said.

Reacting to the podcast, @firstladyship described the young El-Rufai and the children of hate and anger.

She wrote, “The Children of Hate & Anger. Like father like son. Goodluck Jonathan was right in 2015. He described them perfectly.”

On his part, @honesthrt15 wrote, “The children of hate and anger are like their fathers, perpetuating the cycle of negativity and resentment. Goodluck Jonathan’s words continue to ring true, as we see the impact of these toxic emotions on society. It is crucial to break this cycle and foster a culture of love and understanding instead.”

@ayokay13 wrote,  “I just wonder why people hate especially when there is no reason than oral tradition.”

“Take away Peter Obi from the conversation, and you’ll see that they have nothing else to say. Just hatred. like father, like son,” @iamkelechiO wrote.