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List Of ‘Notable’ Nigerians, Including Dangote, Who Shed Tears At Herbert Wigwe’s Funeral




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List Of 'Notable' Nigerians, Including Dangote, Who Shed Tears At Herbert Wigwe’s Funeral

This week, prominent business leaders and political figures in Nigeria were seen humbled and expressing deep emotions during the funeral events of the late Chief Executive Officer of Access Holdings, Herbert Wigwe.

Naija News reports that distinguished guests from both the public and private sectors, home and abroad, gathered this week at Eko Hotels and Suites in Lagos to pay their last respects to Wigwe, his wife and child, who all died in a recent tragic plane crash in America.

Among the notable attendees were the wealthiest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote, Minister of Finance – Wale Edun, the governors of Lagos and Ogun states, the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, and several bank CEOs, all of whom delivered moving speeches.

While many people may have cried during the funeral proceedings, which commenced on March 4, some persons were more notable, and their moments generated reactions across social platforms.

Below Is The List Of Notable People Who Shed Tears At Herbert Wigwe’s Funeral

Aliko Dangote

In a more surprising manner, Aliko Dangote was captured on camera shedding tears while sharing his heartfelt message during the tributes to Wigwe, his friend.

Clearly moved and struggling to hold back tears, Dangote shared poignant stories about his deep connection with Herbert Wigwe. He described the deceased banker as a loyal friend, protege, and advocate, expressing immense gratitude for the warmth of their bond.

He reflected on Wigwe’s transformative influence in the banking industry, setting new records and reshaping the entire sector.

The emotional tribute shed light on Wigwe’s philanthropic endeavours, underscoring the enduring legacy he leaves behind.

In a significant announcement, Dangote revealed plans to honour Herbert Wigwe’s memory by naming the road leading to the Dangote Refinery as the “Herbert Wigwe Road.”

“To immortalise my beloved friend, my brother, and my mentee, I have actually decided to name our major refinery and petrochemical road.

“Out of the 120 kilometres, the biggest road will now be named Herbert Wigwe,” he said.

Muhammadu Sanusi II

Former Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, was also visibly emotional as he paid his respects to Herbert Wigwe.

Shedding tears during the tribute, Sanusi said: “I was thinking I would die and leave Herbert. We have all heard about him, about his loyalty.”

Sanusi reminisced about the unwavering support and loyalty he received from the deceased banker during his challenging times after being dethroned as Emir of Kano by former Governor Abdullahi Ganduje.

Herbert’s assurance of standing by his side remained etched in his memory, the former monarch noted.

“He said to me, ‘Your Highness, don’t worry. Whatever happens, don’t worry. We are here for you.’ On the day I heard on the radio that I was dethroned, I called him and said I wanted to come to Lagos.

“The announcement was made about 9 am; by noon, Herbert had a plane at the tarmac in Kano. The plan then was to take me into exile for many years. I put my family on that plane and sent them to Lagos, with no phone calls. Herbert received them and put them in a hotel.

“Later, he got them accommodation. For months, when I came, they stayed there. Your Highness, if you want to travel, just call Shola,” Sanusi said as he narrated how they helped resolve a serious challenge in the banking sector at the time.

He added: “The objective then was to link the banking sector assets to the real economy and Aig and Herbert in Access Bank were chosen as the chairpersons on the subcommittee on economic development. Most of what I achieved in the Central Bank would not have been possible without them.”

“About two years ago, I put all my savings in a trust for the education of my children because I have many. My priority as a father is to make sure that when I pass away, they will have a good education.

“Paul was a solicitor put in that trust, Herbert was the lead protector. Paul will remember when we had the first formal meeting, I said, ‘Herbert, I am placing you in charge of this trust for the education of my children because I know that even if I died and did not leave any money, you will educate our children.”

Tochi Wigwe

Tochi, the daughter of the deceased Access Bank CEO Herbert Wigwe, was seen overwhelmed with emotion as she shared her relationship with their father.

Struggling to hold back her tears as she delivered a heartfelt tribute to her father, Tochi praised Wigwe as a devoted and affectionate father, describing him as a steadfast pillar of support for both family and friends.

She said: “In this moment, for the first time, your words resonate deeply within me. No longer do I want to tilt my head and squint my eyes in confusion. You were simply extraordinary.

“You urged me to reach new heights I never even imagined. Whenever doubt clouded my mind, you would chuckle knowingly and say, ‘You really just don’t know whose child you are, you’ll soon find out.’ And once again, you were right: I’ve come to find out.

“I could never fathom how you managed to do it all; it seemed inconceivable. Turning everything you touched to gold while remaining an unwavering anchor for your family and friends.

“Distance meant absolutely nothing to you. You travelled continents on a whim just to see me for a couple of minutes before heading back to your responsibilities.

Tochi added: “According to him, my mother Hannah and I were the most beautiful, and my nickname was also ‘pretty.’

“Who will prompt me to flash a peace sign in every photo; who will engage in marathon debates with my friends and me on flights to Cape Town; who will inquire ‘what are they saying about me online today?’ And who will ask me about my thoughts on Wigwe University?

“You were Paradox, a tower of strength with a heart as soft as silk. You can never raise your voice at me without calling me an hour later to apologise.”

Naija News understands that Herbert Wigwe will be finally laid to rest in his hometown of Isiokpo, Rivers state, on March 9.

His remains and that of his wife and child had just arrived in Nigeria on Friday.

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