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Chelsea’s Nicolas Jackson Reveals Why He Is Longing To Meet Didier Drogba




Chelsea’s new striker, Nicolas Jackson, is looking forward to meeting with the club’s legend, Didier Drogba.

Nicolas Jackson who joined Chelsea from Villarreal for a transfer fee worth €37 million on July 1, 2023, has not been having it as rosy as expected.

When he first joined Chelsea, most football enthusiasts from the club thought he could be their new Didier Drogba but he has not been able to click in that manner.

In 27 games in all competitions, the 22-year-old striker has managed to score 9 goals and provided three assists in all competitions which is far below what was expected of him.

In between those goals, Jackson has missed a series of goalscoring opportunities and made unnecessary mistakes which has forced Chelsea to start hunting for a more prolific striker.

Interestingly, Didier Drogba had a rough start at Chelsea before he went on to become one of the club’s most prolific strikers of all time.

Hence, Nicolas Jackson is hoping to meet with the Ivorian legend so that he can teach him how to be a more effective striker at Stamford Bridge.

In an interview with talkSPORT, Jackson noted that he has had a word with his countryman, Demba Ba, who also had a relatively fair spell at Stamford Bridge but he is yet to meet with Drogba.

“It would be amazing [to meet Drogba] because he was a legend and I was watching him since I was young,” Jackson said.

“But we never talk because he is from Cote d’Ivoire and I am from Senegal.

“It’s not like Demba Ba. I have spoken to him because he played for Chelsea before and he’s Senegalese. But Didier, we never talk. I hope to see him one day so he can give me advice to be like him.”