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‘Kannywood Actor, Adam Zango Battling Depression’



'Kannywood Actor, Adam Zango Battling Depression'
Kannywood Actor, Adam A Zango

Popular Nigerian actor, Adam A. Zango, has disclosed that he is currently undergoing treatment for depression after his separation from his wife.

Naija News recalls that following several months of family discord, the marriage between the actor and Safiyya Umar Chalawa came to an abrupt end in April 2023.

Adam Zango has, since the incident, gone awol.

Speaking, however, in a recent interview with journalists, Zango candidly discussed his challenges, acknowledging his withdrawal from daily activities and his pursuit of self-reflection.

He shared the difficulties he faced, which included conflicts with colleagues in the industry, family problems, and societal misinterpretations of his statements.

Zango admitted that these pressures caused him to lose focus and grapple with a mental health crisis.

“I am one of those facing challenges in Kannywood; I suffered the most. If hundreds of people in this industry can say something, nothing will happen, but if I utter a word, some people will start misinterpreting me.

“So these things forced me to stay away a little. I had problems with some producers and actors in the industry. I also have a problem with my family. These challenges worsened my situation to the extent that I lost focus. I don’t even do or think rightly.

“So instead of me to come online or physically and be misbehaving while depressed, I chose to stay away to recover before bouncing back to continue my activities,” the Kannywood actor told BBC Hausa.

He added: “You know depression is an illness itself which needs a doctor. I have a doctor who counsels me, and this, coupled with prayers from my mother, fans, and myself, helped greatly in my quick recovery.

Zango also addressed the topic of potential reconciliation with his estranged spouse, stating that they are yet to reconcile and that he recently discovered that she is on the verge of getting married to another man.

Furthermore, he provided clarification regarding his earlier declaration of not wanting to remarry, attributing it to anger and expressing his current realization of the importance of entering into another marriage to safeguard his honour and that of his family.

“I have to get married to protect my dignity, that of my children and my mother because now I am becoming a complete human being,” he said.

Zango highlighted social media as a pivotal factor leading to the breakdown of his most recent relationship.

He noted that he initially permitted his wife to utilize social media platforms for professional reasons, but unfortunately, circumstances took a negative turn.

Reflecting on his past encounters, Zango expressed that in future marriages, he would prioritise evaluating a woman’s familial background, drawing valuable insights from his previous experiences.