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My Husband Asked If I’d Have Married Him If He Was Mechanic – Regina Daniels




Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels recently shared an intriguing and humorous glimpse into her personal life, particularly a conversation with her husband, Senator Ned Nwoko.

In an amusing revelation, Daniels disclosed a rather thought-provoking question posed by her husband: “Would you have married me if I was a mechanic?”

The actress, known for her vibrant personality and roles in Nollywood, took a moment before crafting a witty response.

She playfully retorted, wondering if their paths would have crossed at his hypothetical mechanic shop, adding a light-hearted twist to the conversation.

The actress wrote on her Instagram account, “Small gist everyone: So my husband asked me one of the most asked questions he sees about our union. He said, ‘G, would you have actually married me if I was a mechanic?’

“I laughed. I really didn’t know the response I was to give, but my reply was ‘Where would you see me? When I come to fix a car?’

“Dim idiegwu.”

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