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Same-Sex Marriage: Devil Can Wipe Out Christianity From The World By Destroying The Catholic Church – Father Ugwu




A Nigerian missionary priest serving in Gambia, Rev Fr Kelvin Ugwu has said that the devil can wipe Christianity from the world by destroying the Catholic Church.

The clergyman stated this while reacting to Pope Francis’s submission on same-sex marriage.

Recall that a report had emerged earlier in the week, indicating that the Vatican approved blessings for same-sex couples.

This development has stirred controversies across the world, as many Christians, including some Catholic bishops, distanced themselves from the document.

Some individuals have also taken to social media to ridicule Christians over the development.

Speaking via his Facebook page, Ugwu urged his followers to stay away from posts mocking the Christian faith.

He said, “This is not the time for mockery. Don’t join those who have been looking for this opportunity to ridicule our faith in Christ.

“For Christians all over the world, I say this, if the devil wants to scatter this Christian faith kpatakpata, all he needs to do is to destroy the Catholic church. You may not see it, but I don’t pray you see it ever.”

Speaking further, the priest asserted that the ambiguity in the document issued by the Vatican led to the controversies.

“A document that almost every Bishop had to explain and clarify to their diocesan people, the Catholic Bishops conferences had to explain, and priests had to explain to their parishioners both online and offline, is not a good document.

“Yes, the document did not say much or make any clear stipulations, and that is basically the problem with the document. What it did not say is more devastating than what it was trying to say”, he added.