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Developing Other States Is A Foolish Idea, To Hell With Them – Ulasi Reacts To Demolition Of Igbo Properties In Lagos




The Anambra State Chairman of the defunct National Republican Convention (NRC), Dan Ulasi has reacted to the alleged demolition of Igbos properties in Lagos State.

Naija News reports that controversy has continued to trail the demolition of illegal structures in Lagos.

There has been outcry by affected residents as the government undertakes what it called a move to restore sanity.

The Lagos State government had pointed out that the affected structures were being demolished because they contravened the state’s laws.

Speaking on the situation during an interview with The Sun, Ulasi lamented that it was a foolish idea for Igbos to leave their land and develop other places.

He insisted that if Igbos had developed their states, Nnamdi Kanu would not be in custody.

The elder statesman opined that if Kanu is released eighty percent of the insecurity issues in the region would be resolved.

Ulasi said, “We import virtually everything Nigeria uses but reside in Lagos. Today, they are destroying our properties in Lagos which I predicted more than five years ago in a major interview I granted. Now, people are calling me, oga you said it. I said, well, the much I can do is to praise the Lord, whatever inspiration I am given, I will say it. So, leaving our place to go and develop other people, I think is becoming a foolish idea.

“Somebody showed me an interview Shettima who is now Vice President of the country granted three or four years ago where he was praising Igbo, that without Igbo, this country cannot stand. So, we don’t have Igbo who are governors in our land who could have made our land a mini-Japan, a mini-Taiwan, to hell with the rest of the country.

“If we had developed our place, Nnamdi Kanu will not be in jail, he will not have a reason to complain. It is because nothing is going on in Igbo land that Igbo are now the ones killing the Igbo in Igbo land.

“This is why I am sure by the grace of God, if he is released, we will probably have more than 80 percent of the insecurity reduced in the zone and we will see how we can move forward only if God gives us the grace to do so but as human beings, we will do our best and leave the rest to God.”