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Why I Underwent BBL – Khloe Speaks




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I Underwent BBL Because I Actually Love To Want To Fvck Myself - Khloe

Big Brother Naija reality star, Busayo Abiri, popularly known as Khloe, recently opened up about her decision to undergo Brazilian Butt Lift enlargement (BBL) surgery to enhance her physique.

Khloe made some revealing statements as a guest on the Bahd and Boujee podcast hosted by fellow co-stars TolaniBaj and Moet Abebe.

Khloe shared that her profound love and obsession with her own body were the driving factors behind her choice to undergo the surgical procedure.

She expressed a desire to attain a body that would be visually appealing to herself, particularly emphasizing her goal of being sexually attractive to her own standards as the motivation for the alteration.

She said: “I did my body because I actually love to want to fvck myself.”

Khloe, formerly known for her slim physique, revealed that she experienced what she considered the best romantic moments during that period.

This prompted her to reflect on her past and question a former partner about his attraction to her when she was slender, a physical state she now regards as unappealing.

She said: “I had the best man when I was skinny, I don’t know what that saw in that skinny me. I was talking to my ex the other day and I asked him, why do you like something that looks that annoying.”