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Russian General Dies During Mine Explosion In Ukraine



Russian General Dies During Mine Explosion In Ukraine

In the latest casualty during the 21-month offensive in Ukraine, a Russian general has lost his life, as reported by the governor of Russia’s Voronezh region on Monday.

Russian Telegram channels with sources in the army suggested that the incident occurred at the end of November when the general stepped on a mine away from the front line, hinting that it could have been a device laid by Russian forces.

While Moscow typically remains silent about its losses in Ukraine, there have been occasional acknowledgements of the deaths of high-ranking officers.

Voronezh governor, Alexander Gusev conveyed the news on Telegram, expressing sorrow over the passing of Major General Vladimir Zavadsky, the deputy commander of the 14th Army Corps of the Northern Fleet, who died in the line of duty in a special operation zone during the offensive in Ukraine.

Gusev paid tribute to Zavadsky, describing him as “a courageous officer, a real general, and a worthy man.” However, specific details regarding the circumstances of Zavadsky’s death were not provided.

This announcement coincides with Russian troops’ efforts to capture Avdiivka, an industrial town in the eastern Donetsk region of Ukraine, which has emerged as one of the most fiercely contested points on the front line.