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War: Ukraine Running Out Of Defence Missiles – Zelensky Cries Out




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President Volodymyr Zelensky has revealed that Ukraine will soon run out of air defence missiles as the war with Russia continues

Naija News reports that the continuous daily strikes have put Ukraine at risk of depleting its missile reserves.

Zelenskiy expressed concern that continued Russian attacks could deplete the country’s missile stockpile.

“If they keep hitting [Ukraine] every day the way they have for the last month, we might run out of missiles, and the partners know it,” he said.


The situation underscores the sustained pressure on Ukraine’s air defence systems, which are pivotal in countering Russian aerial attacks, including missiles and drones.

Zelenskiy’s comments come amid escalating tensions and the ongoing challenge of mounting an effective defense and potential counter-offensive operations against Russian forces.

Just last Sunday, the President voiced alarms over the shortage of ammunition necessary for Ukraine to initiate a counter-attack against Russia, shedding light on the severe constraints faced by the Ukrainian military.


However, there’s a glimmer of hope, as Zelenskiy mentioned the commencement of aid from international allies, with Ukraine beginning to receive crucial support to uphold its defence capabilities.

This aid is essential for Ukraine to continue its resistance against the Russian offensive and safeguard its sovereignty amidst the prolonged conflict.

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