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‘Anybody Complaining About Hardship In Nigeria Under Tinubu Is Not Being Realistic’ – Onilu



'Anybody Complaining About Hardship In Nigeria Under Tinubu Is Not Being Realistic' - Onilu

The Director General of the National Orientation Agency (NOA), Lanre Issa-Onilu says Nigerians are going through the current hardships because President Bola Tinubu is trying to give them something better.

According to him, those complaining are not being realistic because nothing good comes easy and Nigerians should be ready to pay the sacrifice.

He submitted that the policies and decisions of the current administration which some people view as hardship are only necessary steps needed to make the country great and better for the citizens.

Onilu, who is a former All Progressives Congress (APC) national publicity secretary added that President Tinubu inherited a country with many cracks due to years of neglect and is only trying to pull the old structures down so as to build a more befitting shelter.

He stated that it is better to make sacrifices now and get a better Nigeria than keep on managing the structures and risk a total collapse.

Naija News reports the NOA boss made the submission during an interview with Daily Sun where he urged Nigerians to believe in the process and hold on to the promises of hope made by President Tinubu.

He said: “The first promise is hope and when you have hope, you know that progress is being made to attract others. Anybody who is talking about hardship now is not being realistic.

“Why? Nigeria is like a building or a house with multiple cracks for several years, but all we do is to patch the cracks with cement while more continue to widen.

“When a new buyer or new tenant comes and decides to bring down and rebuild the building so that it won’t collapse, in the process of rebuilding, people will not have shelter. Sun and rain will beat them and regardless of whatever arrangement they make as palliatives, it cannot be concrete enough to replace what this would have.

“The choice for the people is to say they prefer the house to continue cracking until it collapses on our heads or be ready to sacrifice to ensure that there is a proper foundation for the new building better than what we have ever put in place. What they need is to see that sincere effort that truly a new building is coming so that the sacrifice will make meaning.

“But if in the process, some people refuse to acknowledge the situation, and keep complaining, that is not realistic, because the other choice was to remain in that same building that was eventually going to collapse on their heads.”