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Video: Igbos Met Much Of Lagos As Swamp And Developed It – Ohana’eze



Igbos Met Much Of Lagos As Swamp And Developed It - Ohana'eze (Video)

The President of Ohana’eze Ndi’Igbo, Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, has lauded the Igbo community’s significant contributions to Lagos’s development.

In a poignant acknowledgement of history, Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, President of Ohana’eze Ndi’Igbo, hailed the Igbo community as the unsung heroes of Lagos, crediting them with the transformation of the city from swampland to the thriving metropolis it is today.

Speaking about the time when Lagos became the capital of Nigeria, Iwuanyanwu highlighted the significant contributions of Igbo forebears who, driven by a sense of patriotism, rose to the challenge of investing massively in developing Lagos into a befitting national headquarters.

Recalling the sacrifices of those who are no longer alive, Iwuanyanwu emphasized the Igbo community’s role in shaping the landscape of Lagos. He spoke of how they purchased swampy lands and, through their enterprise and dedication, converted these areas into habitable spaces.

Contrary to any notion of seizing properties, Iwuanyanwu stressed that the Igbo people bought the land and played a pivotal role in building homes, businesses, and educational institutions, contributing significantly to the overall development of Lagos.

The President of Ohana’eze Ndi’Igbo recognized the efforts of Igbo pioneers as not only instrumental in the development of Lagos but also as a demonstration of their patriotism and commitment to nation-building. He underscored that while other Nigerians also played crucial roles, the sheer number of Igbo individuals in Lagos at that time made their impact particularly noteworthy.

In his statement, Iwuanyanwu acknowledged the historical involvement of the Igbo people in the early development stages of Lagos, highlighting their resilience and dedication. He noted that the Igbos’ endeavours were instrumental in shaping the landscape and contributing to the economic and cultural vibrancy of the city.

The President of Ohana’eze Ndi’Igbo expressed pride in the achievements of the Igbo community in Lagos, portraying them as heroes who, through hard work and enterprise, have left an indelible mark on the city’s progress. He called for recognition and appreciation of the invaluable contributions made by the Igbo population to the growth and prosperity of Lagos.

Iwuanyanwu concluded by paying tribute to the forebears of the Igbo community, acknowledging them as the heroes of their time and expressing deep respect for their contributions in shaping Lagos into the vibrant and prosperous city it has become today.

The President of Ohana’eze Ndi’Igbo said, “So when Lagos was accepted as the capital of Nigeria, Igbo’s, most of them are dead today, our forbearers.

‘They rose to the challenge. The challenge of that time is investment.

“Investment. Massive investment to make the capital, Lagos, a proper, befitting headquarters for Nigeria. That’s how Igbos scattered all over. That’s how Igbos moved into Lagos.

“By a sense of patriotism. Igbos came to Lagos. They found some swampy lands. They bought the land. Igbos, when they came to Lagos, they never came there to take anybody’s property.

“They came there, they bought the land. They converted swampy lands into habitable places. They built businesses, they built homes, they built schools. They built. They developed Lagos.

“In effect, without the enterprise, without the patriotism of Igbos, of Nigerians like the Igbos. Many other Nigerians did the same. But it will appear that because of population, Igbos were in large numbers.

“But these pioneers, these our forebears, are the heroes of the time, the heroes of what we call today a very strong Legos. When they came there, Lagos was basically swamped.

“But they converted it to the very wonderful, beautiful headquarters we see today in Nigeria.

“I want, on this occasion, to salute our forebears.