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John Enoh Unveils Six-Point Agenda For Sports Development



The Minister of Sports Development, John Enoh, has unveiled the W.A.I.F.A.R. agenda, a six-point plan to advance sports development in the country.

Recall that John Enoh and forty-five other ministers were sworn in by President Bola Tinubu on August 21, meaning he has spent 100 days as Minister of Sports Development.

The former lawmaker made the six-point agenda public to commemorate his 100 days in office. The agenda focuses on infrastructure, welfare, grassroots development, funding, and the resuscitation of school sports.

According to Enoh, the strategic framework will guide sports development in 2024 to revive the activity, returning it to its previous grandeur and highlighting its significance in Nigeria’s competitive and cultural milieu.

The plan breakdown indicates that the ministry will fund an annual recognition platform and a welfare system serving active and retired athletes. Additionally, sports federations will be reorganized for maximum efficiency.

John Enoh pledged to construct and renovate significant grassroots sports facilities, revive school sports, and provide sufficient funding through collaborations between the public and private sectors after touring some of the most significant facilities in the country.

The minister said, “This agenda is meticulously designed to bolster growth and excellence within the country’s sports sector.

“We must key into President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s renewed hope agenda and strive to propel the sports industry to newer heights. President Tinubu’s genuine enthusiasm for sports underscores his unwavering commitment to fostering an environment where the sports sector not only flourishes but also reaches unparalleled success.”