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Outrage As Boy Boast Of Raping Girl In Viral Video



Outrage As Boy Boast Of Raping Girl In Viral Video

There is an outrage online following a widely circulated video which showed a boy bragging to his friends about raping and sexually assaulting a girl.

In the viral video, which surfaced online on Tuesday, November 28, the boy was heard narrating how the girl refused to have sex with him and told him she was afraid of getting pregnant.

Despite the no-consent expression from the unknown girl, the boy detailed how he held onto the girl and forcefully had sex with her.

Meanwhile, the video has also caused a series of reactions from netizens on social media who are seeking the boy’s arrest and prosecution.

@YemiDiji wrote: “Don’t pick just him when you eventually get him, please. His friends are all accomplices as well.”

@espeezeal, wrote: “Apart from punishments, I think consent and rape should be thought more aggressively to young adolescents more than ever.

“This one and his friends are laughing over a crime, and many others don’t understand how grievous these acts are. They don’t even know what consent is.”

@Ayobamidelepra1 wrote: “🤣🤣🤣 too much talk to put you for trouble one day… He may be lying to his friends oooh.”

@Govnor_inspires wrote: “Please can use sharia law on his case please. Going to prison is not worth it. Let them cut off his nonsense that stood that didn’t bend.”

@sahih_abu wrote: “Throughout ages m€n have alw@ys being pra!sed for be!ng prom!scuous,and that’s why they take pr!de in saying it pübl!cly. He shouldn’t be sp@red!”

@Tobiloba_King wrote: “Na, so this one uses his own hand to land himself a better Christmas package, sha! I hope he enjoys it.”

@LawalMAdekunle1 wrote: “This one don price prison oo. U people video anything.”

@dammynus wrote: “Next available ride to Ikoyi Maximum Prison.”

@dipoaro wrote: “I pity this boy, he sent himself to jail.”

@IsahDunari wrote: “The boy is supposed to be arrested and investigated. This shows the do not have a good moral.”