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Mohbad’s Wife Testifies Before Coroner, Recounts Singer’s Final Moments



Mohbad's Widow Shares Testimony At Coroner's Inquest, Recounts Singer's Final Moments

Omowunmi Aloba, the widow of the late 27-year-old singer, known as Mohbad, whose real name was IleriOluwa Aloba, on Tuesday, shared her testimony during the Coroner’s Inquest convened in Ikorodu.

She revealed that Mohbad’s passing was due to a series of events, including bullying, psychological trauma, and a previous arrest by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

According to Mohbad’s wife, he had already passed away before his official declaration of death, which occurred on Tuesday afternoon, September 12, 2023.

She recounted that on the day of his passing, he had taken a shower but was feeling unwell and requested that the air conditioner in his room be turned on, but when the AC failed to function, they quickly relocated him to their son’s room.

Omowunmi clarified that during this time, she was in the kitchen. Upon emerging from the kitchen, she observed a nurse administering an injection to Mohbad.

She overheard Mohbad instructing the nurse to remove the syringe. It was at this juncture that they decided to take him to the hospital.

She continued her account, mentioning that during the car ride to the hospital, Mohbad was seated in the back seat, and the driver commented that his hands had become cold.

“Immediately, I called a bike (motorcycle), OG, his friend, and Mohbad entered the bike, then I took another bike and went straight to the hospital.

“It was the doctor, nurses, the Disc Jokey, and Mohbad’s brother that were inside the room while I was outside when they told me that he was dead; I said it was not possible because I still spoke to him 20 minutes ago and he said after his injection, he would take his son for five months photo shoot,” she said.

She further explained that on the day before his death, they had attended a music show on Monday, September 11, 2023, in the company of about ten people.

The singer’s widow added that while they were at the event, she and their baby remained inside the car, awaiting Mohbad’s performance. Following his performance, Mohbad expressed fatigue and a desire to return home.

However, he was asked to wait for other artists to complete their performances, resulting in an hour of waiting.

Regarding the dispute that occurred in the car, she revealed that Mohbad had engaged in an argument with his younger brother and the altercation was triggered by a remark from Mohbad’s friend, Owodunni Ibrahim, also known as Prime Boy, who suggested that Mohbad’s younger brother should not be the one to disrespect him.

She added, “Prime Boy said he knew what he would have done, but Mohbad told Prime Boy that it was because they were outside and that if they were at home, he would have fought his brother.

“Prime Boy and Mohbad started fighting, and I went to get his workers to come and separate them, and by the time I came back, I met that people had separated them already.

“During the fight, Mohbad sustained a minor injury at his elbow when he hit the window of the car. The nurse who injected Mohbad has been treating him for two years.

“The nurse injected Mohbad on his shoulder. After the February 22, 2022, NDLEA incident, Mohbad became fearful and refused to go to the hospital because his head was hit with a gun by NDLEA.

“I was beaten and pushed inside the gutter because I confronted and questioned the NDLEA why they harassed my husband. The NDLEA gave him substance, and ever since then, he has not been himself.”

She also told the coroner that after the NDLEA attack, he got paranoid and lost his memory to the extent of forgetting his phone password.

The witness told Magistrate Sotobi Adedayo that people started saying that he was mad and became depressed.

According to her, after Mohbad’s death, she was not aware of where he was buried or even the mortuary and didn’t know anything after.

She further stated that they planned to kidnap Mohbad’s son.

Omowunmi said that she has been getting threats and has always been going out with a face mask because of the threat.

She revealed, “Mohbad wanted to send his son to Canada, which is why he obtained a visa, as he didn’t want his son Liam to reach one year in Nigeria.”

Mohbad’s wife added that the singer had always desired his child to be born in Canada, but due to financial constraints, he requested to send his son to Canada, to which she consented.