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Lyon’s Manager Fabio Grosso Speaks Up After Brutal Attack In Marseille




Fabio Grosso, the manager of French Ligue 1 club, Lyon, has reacted to the brutal attack on him and his team while they were traveling for a league game last weekend.

On Sunday, October 29, Fabio Grosso was the worst affected after some irate fans of Marseille attacked Lyon’s team bus with stones and fireworks ahead of a league game at Marseille’s Stade V√©lodrome.

Due to the attack, the game was postponed indefinitely as coach Fabio Grosso who suffered cuts on his head was hospitalized.

Days after the incident, Grosso said the attack “could have been a tragedy” as he hoped that it would be a lesson to the handlers of the league.

The 45-year-old Grosso wrote on Instagram: “I hope with all my heart that it can be a lesson for our future.

“What happened on Sunday evening could have been a tragedy. It certainly was for the sport and for all those who love it.”

At the time of writing, the French Ligue 1 had not made an official decision concerning the punishment Marseille could be subjected to and when the postponed game would be played.

In an interview with Lyon’s official TV channel, the club’s general manager Vincent Ponsot said: “At the moment, the safety conditions necessary to play in Marseille have not been met.

“We have to play at a neutral ground. What we want is for the safety of our players to be guaranteed.”