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Pastor Evelyn Joshua’s Holds Ground-breaking Crusade In Kenya




Evelyn Joshua

The “Crusade in Kenya with Pastor Evelyn Joshua” was a ground-breaking event organised by the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) that brought tens of thousands of people from all over Africa and the world for a remarkable spiritual experience. The event also featured initiatives dedicated to fostering community development and promoting environmental sustainability in Kenya.

Day 1: A Gathering of Unity and Faith

On the first day, thousands of people from all walks of life, hailing from Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, and beyond Africa poured into the Kasarani Moi International Stadium in Nairobi. There was unparalleled enthusiasm and the presence of dignitaries and government officials added to the significance of the gathering.

The Prelude: Songs of Praise and Testimonies of Faith

Renowned artists Christina Shusho and Zaza Mokhethi set the stage ablaze with their soul-stirring performances. The crowd swayed to the rhythm of devotion, worship, and praise.


Testimonies of healing miracles from the late Prophet T.B. Joshua’s ministry was shared. A child once afflicted with Avascular Necrosis of the Hip at the age of 9, now healed, stepped forward at the age of 13, testifying to the enduring miracle. Another man, once in dire need of a knee replacement, showcased his restored knees, a living testament to divine power. The stories kept pouring in providing proof of the power of faith.

Following these compelling testimonies, the atmosphere pulsed with anticipation as Rofhiwa Manyaga delivered a heartfelt musical interlude. Then, Pastor Evelyn Joshua took the stage to deliver a sermon titled “Praying Without Ceasing,” drawing lessons from the biblical story of Daniel – comparing his struggles with the challenges the children of God face in today’s world.

The Power of Prayer and Deliverance

Pastor Evelyn Joshua led a riveting prayer and deliverance session, igniting the spiritual fervour within the congregation. Attendees witnessed manifestations of faith, with people being liberated from demonic possession and healed of diverse infirmities.


A mass prayer followed, led by the Woman of God and other SCOAN ministers. The stadium reverberated as a collective voice of heartfelt prayers filled the atmosphere.

Day 2: Furtherance of God’s Will

On the second day, Christina Shusho once again graced the stage with her divine melodies, setting the stage for another day of spiritual communion and encounter.

The Importance of Faith

Delivering the Bible exhortation for the day, a SCOAN Evangelist, Evangelist Opeyemi, exhorted the crowd with a brief yet powerful sermon titled “Show Your Faith,” where he emphasised the importance of unwavering belief. Drawing lessons from the story of the paralytic man who was healed by Jesus Christ in Mark 2:1-5.



More striking testimonies from people who had experienced healing and transformation from the SCOAN ministry poured in, serving as a testament to the power of faith.

Pastor Evelyn Joshua’s Encouraging Words

As the event neared its conclusion, Pastor Evelyn Joshua delivered a sermon titled, “The Victory – Our Faith.” Her words resonated with the congregation as the message underscored the role of prayer in preserving faith in a world beset by trials and temptations.

Pastor Evelyn Joshua Tasks African Leaders on dignity of the continent

In her final address, Pastor Evelyn Joshua charged African leaders to work together in unity of purpose and reposition themselves in order to realise the full potential and dignity of the Continent. Some of the dignitaries present at the iconic Crusade included Honourable Florence Mutua, a Kenyan parliamentarian, Antounette Kupulu, a Minister of government from DRC, Ambassador Ngewa Mukala, Ambassador of Kenya to the Republic of Sudan, Evelyn Epuyo, wife of Vice President, RT. Honourable Kasiele Lumumba Justine, Minister of the office of Ugandan Prime Minister, Hon Marin Moshisho, a Kenyan Deputy Governor, and Mrs Julianah Mukala, wife of an Ambassador, among many other dignitaries.

Beyond evangelism

In appreciation of her contribution to the nation, following her ground-breaking crusade, Pastor Evelyn Joshua was invited to Nairobi’s parliament, where she was awarded the Key to the City of Nairobi by the Speaker of the Nairobi City Assembly, HON. Ken Ngondi. As President of Emmanuel Global Network (Emmanuel TV), the humanitarian arm of the SCOAN, Pastor Evelyn Joshua and her team supported Kenya’s Ministry of Environment’s efforts to promote the preservation of nature by planting 20,000 trees across different forests in Kenya.

Charity Outreach: A Blessing for the Less Privileged

Keeping in Emmanuel TV’s signature practice of Community Development and Charity, as part of the crusade’s mission, Evelyn Joshua also visited a remote village of the Kenyan Masai people to provide food stuff, clean water, a donation of $25,000 and other basic needs.

Olawale Adeniyi Journalist | Content Writer | Proofreader and Editor.

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