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What You Should Do If Police Officers Ask For Payment Before Lodging Complaint – Spokesman, Muyiwa Adejobi



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The spokesperson of the Nigeria Police Force, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, has warned Nigerians against paying to lodge complaints at police stations across the nation.

He stated that lodging a complaint in any of the police stations in Nigeria is completely free.

Adejobi said this while responding to a netizen who claimed that he was asked to pay for stationaries when he went to lodge a complaint at a police station.

Responding to the netizen via his X handle, the spokesman warned Nigerians not to be deceived by sympathy tactics employed by some officers.

He advised Nigerians to ask for the DPO if officers ask them to pay before lodging a complaint.

According to him, “Where is this. Let me tell you for free here, too, that most of them lie that they buy everything they use in their offices. They say that to give you the wrong impression and win your sympathy. It’s all corruption. I have said it severally that at the charge room where you lodged the complaint, the DPOs office is close to it. Did you bother to see the DPO? Ask them some questions and let the DPO say so. With the allocation they get from Abuja, I am aware that many patners, NGOs, and PCRC members and units still support with stationeries at these stations. Don’t be deceived by their antics of falsehood and appealing for public sympathy, bros.

“Lodging of complaints at the Police station is free. If they demand money to lodge a complaint, ask for the DPO or DCP. Don’t pay for lodging a complaint as our stations. Even checking suspects in the cell is free. There is nothing like detol, soap, or sanitary items money. It’s all fraud. It’s unpolice and improper. Don’t encourage it. Always get across to the DPO. DPOs nos are pasted on the walls of every station. Report any station that doesn’t have its DPOs number pasted or any help line. It’s mandatory to have that pls.’’