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NBA Referees Admit Making A Mistake In LA Lakers’ Defeat To Boston Celtics


NBA Referees have taken to their verified Twitter page to admit that they made a mistake that led to Boston Celtics’ victory over LA Lakers on Sunday.

Following their defeat to the Boston Celtics, the LA Lakers accused the game officials of using unfair tactics.

Interestingly, the game officials came out to admit their error in agreement with popular notions.

LeBron James of the Lakers was challenged by Jayson Tatum as he missed what may have been the game-winning jumper.

The Celtics won 125-121 in overtime after the officials failed to call a foul, which resulted in the game going to overtime.

The game’s officiating crew chief Eric Lewis admitted: “There was contact, we missed the play.”

While the National Basketball Referees Association wrote on Twitter: “Like everyone else, referees make mistakes.

“We made one at the end of last night’s game and that is gut-wrenching for us.

“This play will weigh heavily and cause sleepless nights as we strive to be the best referees we can be.”

James was leaping up and down in anger over the missed call, and teammate Patrick Beverley went onto the court carrying a camera to try and capture official photographic proof of the foul.

Due to Beverley’s objections, he assessed a technical foul, and the Celtics made their free shot to start overtime.

After the game, Lakers player Anthony Davis claimed that his team had been “cheated” and proposed fining officials for incorrect decisions.

He said: “It’s unacceptable and I guarantee nothing is going to happen to the refs.

“We got cheated. To miss a call that blatant, the ref is sitting right there on the baseline, it’s tough. It’s not fair. I guarantee if the refs started getting fined for missed calls, it would be a lot better. But nothing’s going to be done.”

While LeBron James added: “We don’t have room for error.

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“This is one of the best games we’ve played all year, and for this to fall on somebody else’s judgment or non-judgment is ridiculous. It’s ridiculous.”