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Abure Comes Under Fire, As Labour Party Aspirant Condemns Leadership Style


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The Labour Party’s (LP) National Chairman, Julius Abure has been criticised by a former aspirant of the party Joseph Fadurii over his leadership style.

Naija News gathered that Faduri in a statement on Tuesday said he doesn’t see any leadership qualities in the party’s national chairman because obviously one can not give what they don’t have.

According to him, leaders he knows unite their people, broker peace and encourage members, but he alleged that what Abure has been doing is to bite out and scatter members of the party.

In the statement Faduri titled ‘Labour Party Chairman Barr. Julius Abure and his failed Leadership,’ he said the Ogun State chapter of the party was right to have recently passed the vote of no confidence on him.

The Labour Party aspirant advanced that Abure is as guilty of the same offense for which the party’s youth leader was recently suspended and what he criticise other opposition parties of.

Faduri submitted that “It is very important to make this public contribution as many are reaching out to me of what I feel about vote of no confidence on the leadership of our Party LP Barr Julius Abure.

“No doubt, leadership is a quality that if you don’t have it you cannot give it and over my time till date in LP, I have not seen leadership in Barr Julius Abure and I’m surprised it’s now that many members of the party are seeing what I  complained about.

“Leaders bring together not destroy. Leaders lead not scatter. Leaders broker peace not foment trouble. Leaders encourage not discourage. Leaders celebrate not castigate but when it comes to the LP chair, he has been a toothless dog who is not only barking but biting its people to failure. He is leading the Labour Party to fail in 2023.

“He is guilty of the same offence he accused not just the youth leader but even opposition parties. He lacks empathy. The quality of a good leader.

“A vote of no confidence for him is not out of place. The party can elect another chairman to help it attain victory in 2023.”

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