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Nigerians React As Beggar Using ‘Fake Baby’ To Garner Sympathy Gets Exposed (Video)


Lagos Beggar

Some Nigerians have expressed displeasure at a beggar, using a fake baby to beg for alms on the streets of Lagos State.

Naija News reports that the video which emerged online shows a young lady who was carrying ‘clothes’ in the shape of a baby and begging for money.

The beggar had approached some passengers who suspected that the baby was not real and demanded to see the baby’s face

Surprisingly, when the lady opened the clothes covering the ‘ fake baby’ it was discovered that it was just more clothes folded into the shape of a baby.

When the passenger berated her for lying, the beggar didn’t show any form of remorse as she laughed over it.

The video angered many Nigerians online as they call for her arrest while some claimed they had fallen victim to the scam.

chizglam wrote: “This is quite pathetic I don’t find this funny .. why is she laughing?”

adadoby wrote: “There’s nothing funny here, they should be arrested”

uchennaji wroe: “The fact that we actually find this dubious/deceitful act funny is what I can’t fathom.”

alysia_empire wrote: “She’s laughing she think it’s funny”

wisdomcounsellin wrote: “This is what happens when people are too proud to work but not ashamed to beg. This is emotional blackmail”

cruisefactory wrote: “Low key yahoo. If she see opportunity, she go scam wella”

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chubbysophie wrote: “What is funny about this, she should be arrested biko”

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