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Prices Of Foodstuff In Nigeria 2022 – This Week’s Market Update



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Welcome to this week’s episode on Prices Of Foodstuff In Nigeria 2022.

The commodity market was a bit fair this week as there was a slight drop in prices of Maize, Guinea Corn, Egusi and others…

While our target market for this week’s update still is Manigi Market, it is important to bring to the public that the activities of bandit terrorists, kidnappers are affecting market operations in most parts of Niger State.

Naija News understands that most of the markets in the state except Mariga, Kaboji, Manigi and Kontagora market are currently shut down.

Locals could no longer convey their harvested grains to the market for sale because they get attacked daily by bandits and kidnappers whenever they attempt to visit the market.

The development is affecting the price of commodities and traders are lamenting bitterly.

However, amid fears of the unforeseen, the Manigi Market which is our current major target was operational yesterday.

While other foodstuffs increased in price, Naija News noticed there was a slight drop in prices of Maize, Guinea Corn and Egusi.

Interestingly, Petrol is being sold at the market and the pump price is currently pegged at ₦205.

Let’s take you quickly to the breakdown of this week’s Foodstuff price in Nigeria – Update From The North.

Guinea Corn – ₦19,000

Millet – ₦18,500- ₦20,000

Maize – ₦19,000

Red beans – ₦40,000

White beans – ₦37,000 – ₦40,000

Egusi – ₦20,000

Soya beans – ₦33,000

Groundnut – ₦12,000 – ₦13,000

Charcoal bag – ₦1,200

Local rice – ₦21,000

Create of egg: – ₦2000

Petrol: – ₦205

This is all we have for you for the week, however, kindly stick to Naija News as we update you on other foodstuffs from different parts of Nigeria.

Remember: Food is a requirement, not a desire. Every living creature is dependent on food to survive.