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Video: Naval Officer Assaults Driver, Shoots His Windscreen


Video: Naval Officer Assaults Driver, Shoots His Windscreen

The Nigerian Navy has been called out on social media by a man who alleged an officer of the force shot at his windscreen and assaulted him.

The citizen who is identified as Prince Chimezie Victor Ohe [@sexy_chi_mex] on Instagram, alleged the officer broke his windscreen with a gun for allegedly driving too fast.

Victor who claimed he was driving from mile2 heading towards Tradefair in Lagos, explained that he confronted the Naval officer and demanded that his windscreen must be fixed.

He said the officer and his colleagues had agreed they will pay N15K while he (the victim) adds up the rest of the money to fix the screen.

According to the driver, the Nigerian Navy has not fulfilled the promise made and they keep asking him to come back.

His post reads: “While I was coming from mile2 heading towards tradefair, This Naval Officer broke my windscreen @Alakija with his Gun, cause I refuse to park and watch other cars drive by as a punishment by him to me cause I was driving fast which I wasn’t. Cause he is on the uniform and has a riffle on him, he started assaulting me immediately I confronted him, I guess he was expecting me to hit him back but I disappointed him.

“I must make sure he fixes my Windscreen and they (Naval Police) are mandating me that they will pay 15k while I sort for 20k plus balance myself and fix my windscreen which I agreed but since 3days, they keep telling me to come back tomorrow.

“Never have I ever seen a military man standing on the road in Dubai, but Nigerians always abuse everything.

“He called out the officer for “abusing power” and asked Nigerians to hold the navy responsible if anything happens to him.”

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Watch the video clip of the incident below as shared by the alleged victim on Instagram.

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