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NDA Attack: Do Night Vigils To Get Rid Of Bandits, Terrorists – CAGG Tells Buhari




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President Muhammadu Buhari and service chiefs have been told to reduce their sleeping hours to get rid of bandits, criminal groups terrorising the nation.

In a statement released on Friday, August 27, the Concerned Advocates for Good Governance, CAGG, bemoaned the recent attack on the Nigerian Defence Academy, NDA quarters in Kaduna State.

Naija News recalls that the military institution where gallant officers are being trained was attacked by rag-tag bandits around 1 am on Tuesday.

The attack is seen as a mockery and one of the most daring moves against the Nigerian government.

Joining the host of others in reacting to the spate of insecurity in the country, CAGG National Coordinator, Olusegun Bamgbose, said it is a wonder how Buhari sleep well at night when the nation is at war.

According to Bamgbose, security meetings should be organised at midnight to tackle the nation’s deteriorating security situation. He said it was obvious bandits do not sleep and that was why they could storm the defence academy at night, wondering why the Nigerian leaders should sleep comfortably while the country is on fire.

The lawyer further pointed out that due to his constant warnings with no accompanying action, the bandits now have no atom of regard for President Buhari.

Bamgbose said: “In other words, our security architecture has collapsed. This is not only very sad but very unfortunate, that an untrained set of hoodlums could be so daring to neutralize our well-trained army.

“A huge sum of our budget goes for security and yet there is nothing tangible to show for it.

“How long will it take our security formations to once and for all neutralize these untrained hoodlums who have held this nation hostage for more than 13 years?

“Are the bandits more than the Nigerian Army? Nigerian Police?Nigerian Navy and Nigerian Airforce? Are they more equipped than them?

“Do the bandits have more resources than the Nigerian government? Do they have more Intel than our security formations?

“The bandits don’t have fighter jets, we have, they are not well trained as our security men, they don’t have access to the type of resources we have, then the question begging for an answer is, what exactly is the problem with our security architecture?

Bamgbose accused President Buhari of stylishly pampering the bandits who have no atom of respect in any way for him as the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces.

The presidential hopeful urged the President to act decisively and stop the warning games.

He added: “If the bandits could operate with ease in Katsina State, the home of our President, then we have a very serious problem at hand.

“The bandits have come to understand that our President is only good at warning them, and that ends it, no decisive action.

“When the rats are daring the cats, then an issue has cropped up. What a sad situation! The Nigerian Military has been rendered vulnerable. Bandits no longer fear the military.

“What effrontery for the bandits to invade Nigeria Defence Academy, NDA without any form of fear? This is incredible. The security breach is a complete show of shame.

“When the hunter begins to be scared of the prey, then there is a big problem. President Buhari should forget about rhetorics and be realistic about the prevailing security situation confronting the nation.

“He was once reported to have warned the bandits not to take their luck too far, that he can crush them, that’s rhetorical. Crush the bandits, stop warning them, declare total war against them. Nigerians demand decisive action, not rhetoric.

“One will expect President Buhari to use maximum force to nip in bud banditry that has almost crippled his government. Let him give the service chiefs a mandate, it’s either they perform or they are shown the door. What is the essence of feeding a guard dog that won’t bark and bite?

“How long will Nigerians have to wait to sleep with their two eyes closed? I don’t expect Buhari to sleep well until the nation is secured, so likewise the service chiefs, how can they have 7 hours of sleep when the nation is boiling?

“Some of the security meetings should be fixed for midnight, it is as serious as that. Buhari should show total commitment to putting an end to this lingering menace.

“The truth is that Nigeria is at war, sleeping, as usual, should be seen as a luxury that should be avoided. The bandits attacked the NDA around 1 am on Tuesday, that is it, it’s very dangerous to sleep when the enemies of the nation are awake. All measures should be taken and all stones turned to end this ugly trend. The time to end this carnage is now.”

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