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Zambian Presidential Election A Lesson To Nigeria – Peter Obi




2023: The Only Thing God Didn't Give Nigeria Is Good Leaders But That Is About To Change - Peter Obi

Former vice presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Peter Obi, has commended Zambia over the just concluded presidential election.

The former Governor of Anambra State in his statement has described the electoral process as an “African example.”

Obi commended the outgoing president for showing maturity and a genuine spirit of sportsmanship.

The former Governor in a statement released through his spokesman, Valentine Obienyem, noted that he watched the Zambian electioneering process very closely and was satisfied by the conduct of all the parties.

He also lauded the political party in power for not trying to manipulate the election even when it was clear that they were losing the election.

Obi compared it with the Nigerian election, “unlike what is sadly obtainable in Nigeria and most African countries, it was not war or an atavistic throwback to the era of killing or getting killed, but a civilized act of allowing the people to show their political preferences.”

Obi further stated that the victory of the opposition would provide alternative methods of managing the economy of the country, thereby raising hope for economic rejuvenation.

“This is what it should be. People should be allowed to make informed choices based on their demonstrable ability to contest candidates. Such reflection for the franchise of the people is the surest way of giving the people the type of leaders they crave for”

He added that the election in Zambia is a sign that Africans are capable of organising elections if they embraced the right values.

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Obi charged Nigerian leaders, especially those in power to learn from Zambia for the good and progress of the country.