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Nigerian Army Warns Against Sharing Pictures Of Dead Soldiers On Social Media



The Nigerian Army has warned members of the public against the indiscriminate sharing of pictures of soldiers who die in battle.

The Army warned members of the public that sharing the images of such soldiers who die in active duty is unpatriotic.

The Army in a statement on Tuesday by its spokesperson, Brigadier General Mohammed Yerima warned that legal action will be taken against those that continue sharing such images after its warning.

Yerima noted that sharing such images is done most times without considering the impact it may have on the families of the dead soldiers who may have to read information about the death of their loved ones first on social media.

The full statement reads: “The Nigerian Army condemns in the strongest term possible, the indiscriminate sharing on social media of graphic pictures of personnel who paid the supreme price in the cause of defending and protecting the country from its adversaries.”

“This act is not only unpatriotic but very insensitive and utterly reprehensible.”

Officers and soldiers of the Nigerian Army deployed to various theatres of internal security operations are on legitimate duties and are in the harm’s way to defend and protect the country from those who are intent on destroying it.”

“In the course of carrying out this constitutional mandate, troops put their lives on the line to ensure that innocent citizens and institutions of the state are protected from violent criminals. In some cases, these gallant officers and soldiers are meted with the worst form of savagery by the heartless adversaries whose intent is to instill fear on of the citizenry.”

“While the Nigerian Army and its personnel understand the nature of the noble calling and are ever ready to confront any danger of adversity on the way, what is most unfathomable is the glee with which some people share the gory pictures of officers and soldiers who are either killed-in-action or Wounded-in-action in the media.”

“These unpatriotic acts are often done without any modicum of consideration for the memories of the departed personnel or their family members. In some cases, their loved ones do find out about their unfortunate death in such callous manner before they are even contacted by the military authorities. One can only imagine the trauma and pain such families go through waking up to see the gory pictures of their loved ones splashed on the social media.”

“The Nigerian Army consider this despicable and unpatriotic act totally unacceptable and will henceforth take legal actions to protect troops who die in action from being ridiculed on social media or any platform.”

Meanwhile, former Senate President, Abubakar Bukola Saraki, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressives Congress (APC) to seek urgent help over Nigeria’s worsening security situation.

In a statement on Tuesday, Saraki condemned the multiple attacks on lives and properties in the country on Monday which claimed at least 15 cops and five soldiers.

The PDP stalwart also lamented the killing of abducted students of Greenfield University in Kaduna, adding that the situation “cannot continue” and “cannot become Nigeria’s new normal”.

Source: Naija News

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