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55-Year-Old Man Killed His Daughter’s Boyfriend To Have Sex With Her




A residence of Boone, North Carolina has been arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment after allegedly killing his daughter’s male friend and continued to sleep with her.

The 55-year-old whose name is revealed as Larry McClure reportedly connived with his two daughters to kill the young man identified as Thomas McGuire during 2019 valentine celebration.

Naija News learned that the man after successfully joining hand in the killing of his daughter’s boyfriend continued to sleep with her and thereafter made her his wife. However, months later, the hidden secret broke out and McClure has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime he committed in 2019.

Reports had it that Larry McClure was on Thursday, August 13 charged with first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison. His daughter, Amanda McClure who is 31 years of age had also confessed to the killing of her boyfriend and pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

Findings revealed that ‘the family had killed Thomas by striking him with a wine bottle, tying him up, injecting two vials of methamphetamine into him, and then strangling him on Valentine’s Day in 2019.”

Speaking after his arrest, Larry explained that was Amanda’s idea to kill her boyfriend and that he supported her in the act. Naija News understands that Police found Thomas’ body several months later in a shallow grave near the Skygusty residence.

In her reaction, the mother of McGuire, Karen Smith during Larry’s court sentencing condemned the act saying directly to him that: “You and your two kids are going straight to hell! To marry your own daughter, that’s low-down.”

“In my book, all three of you need to die! You don’t deserve to be on this earth breathing. I’m gonna live to see you or one of your kids die before I go. Who gave y’all the right to play God?” she asked.

In another news earlier, Naija News reported that a five-year-old boy, Cannon Hinnant has been hot dead by his neighbour for allegedly riding a bicycle in his apartment at Wilson, North Carolina.