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Edo 2020: Obaseki Has Failed Woefully -Ganduje Reveals




APCThe Kano State governor, Alhaji Abdulahi Ganduje, has berated the performance of the Edo State governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki during the last four years.

Naija News learnt that Ganduje, stated that Obaseki has failed woefully. Speaking further, he said that the governor is rather a liability to his new political party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), than an asset, insisting that having Obaseki as the opponent candidate is a blessing to the APC.

Your question is that we are contesting against a serving governor in Edo State. Yes, that is a very important question at this material time. It could have been a big problem if the governor performs well while governing his state.

“He could have been an asset to PDP. But I assure you that governor is a liability. In fact, it’s even better for us that we are contesting against a serving governor who failed woefully. He failed woefully in the area of human development.

“He failed woefully in the area of providing infrastructural facilities to the good people of Edo State, he failed most woefully in the execution of constitutional provision in the state, especially pertaining to the legislature.

“14 members were out of the legislature for 13 good months. When we calculated, we saw those 14 legislators are representing 60 per cent of the population. All their constituents are unhappy that elected legislators were not given the chance to participate in the legislations in that state. In fact, all the legislations made should be considered as illegal.


Source: Naija News

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