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Pastor Giwa Roasts Buhari For Running ‘Most Corrupt Presidency’





Pastor Adewale Giwa, the senior pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ Ministry, has lambasted President Muhammadu Buhari for deliberately putting Nigeria in a quandary for five years, through corruption.

Addressing his church members on issues affecting Nigeria on Sunday, Giwa has accused President Buhari of leading the most corrupt administration in Nigeria since 1999.

In a statement to newsmen, the popular cleric urged Nigerians to start preparing for political disintegration.

According to Giwa: “Political entities will split into smaller parts ahead of 2023 and this development may pave the way for total disintegration in Nigeria.

“Nigeria has been in a state of mental uncertainty since President Buhari took over. They told us they came to fight corruption, but they are running the most corrupt presidency since 1999.

“Babachir David Lawal, the former Secretary to the Federal government under Buhari was indicted of stealing millions of emergency funds along Ayo Oke, where are they today?

“Has Buhari’s presidency prosecuted them? Magu’s case will also be swept under the carpet just like others.

“Look at the ongoing case of Ms. Nunieh vs Akpabio. Where are we heading to in Nigeria? Please, pray for Nigeria, pray for the events that would turn this country around.

“We can’t continue this way; for how long are we going to be repeating ourselves? Our leaders are confused, the APC is collapsing while the PDP is fading away.”

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